Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nothing Feeds a Hunger Like a Thirst

I have some big ideas for this blog. BIG ideas. It will happen. Lists. Stories. More lists.

I just made plans for what has become an annual Midwest summer trip. I will tour the Minneapolis/Madison/Chicago triangle from July 14th through the 22nd. Make your appointments now. I guess technically it's the Minneapolis/Rochester/Madison/Chicago parallelogram.

I took public transportation to work today. Not out of necessity or convenience. I keep getting closer and closer to making that switch. Walk/drive to the subway station... subway to Union Station... shuttle to work. It's not so bad. But I love that morning freedom which I will likely give up. But gas prices are just too high and trains are just so cool, especially the ones that go underground.

Summary of Vegas trip: Fatburger, long hallways, crosswords, too many cards, and a text reading "out." Second summary: Arby's, heat, songs number 3 and 6 on the Billy CD, songs # 12, 17, and 18 on Guyville.

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