Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Links for the middle of summer

The Hold Steady's new single is perfect, as usual (the E-Street Band keyboards and Jet Airliner myspace quote are nice touches.)

Does anyone have the mp3 for S.F. Seals' cover of Faust's Flashback Caruso? I need it.

This is my favorite roller coaster ever and I really want to ride it again. Haven't been there since 1984. It's time.

Nothing more fun than poetically arbitrary lists of white people's favorite rap songs and black people's favorite rock songs.

Entertainment Weekly recently published a bunch of Top 100 lists for the last 25 years. Arbitrary? Yes. Mostly wrong? Of course but until I make my own lists, I'll limit my complaints to:
  • Movies: Number 1 isn't bad but #16 is better and #17 is ridiculous
  • Music: Number 1 is acceptable but 8, 45, and 47 would be okay too. And 23 and 53. Nothing really bad on the list except maybe 67 and 76 and that's just because I was looking.
  • Books: This one is hard to critique because I just haven't read enough of them. Which ones have I read? 15, 19, 50, 63, 64, 66 (his other book should be #1 but it's mysteriously absent), 70, 72, and 100. Which ones have I started but not finished? 5, 10, 28, 34, 53 (people really like this book? this is inconceivable to me), and 82.
  • TV: No real complaints except #2 should be #1, #61 should be #2, #17 should be #61, and #91 should be #19.
  • Other highlights: Liz Phair might make me reconsider 3EB and this list is illuminating.
This is 12 days old but if you want an astute rollicking smart 2,595-word post about the Minnesota-Memphis trade (aka Love-Mayo trade, aka UCLA-USC trade) the night of the NBA draft, there's no better person to read than Britt Robson.

I could be mistaken but I think this mostly forgotten song from 1998 might be the greatest song of all time (mostly forgotten but not by everyone).

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