Friday, February 01, 2008

I Always Tell the Truth

There's no better new song out there than.... Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend.

The Lakers just traded for Pau Gasol. That makes things interesting.

The Super Bowl this year is a tough one for me. On the one hand, we have the arrogant annoying ubiquitous Patriots going for perfection. And then there's the Giants, with their Manning brother at QB and their "history." How can I choose between two teams from (the areas around) Boston and New York? Can't we just have a 0-0 tie? Can't we just have a Raiders-Vikings Super Bowl? Okay, I need to be objective. Patriots 34 Giants 17. Tom Petty sings I Won't Back Down when he should sing Refugee.

Funny video here.

(After my post yesterday, I seriously gave thought to the possibility that the disappeared professor I was writing about could very well be.... dead. It's as likely an explanation as any. I hope not. She still has some teaching to give. I think.)

I like the turkey burger and mashed potatoes combo at the 101 Coffee Shop on Franklin in Hollywood. It's flawless.

Just listen to that Oxford Comma song and try not to like it. Can't be done. Yes, they steal a hook from Summer of '69 but they do it in such a subtle Paul Simon-y Graceland/Balancing Act-first album/Andrew Gold/Jay Ferguson/Charm of the Highway Strip sort of way that forgiveness is possible.

And the ending is sublime.

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