Friday, July 21, 2006


Minneapolis is hot but not too hot, like a Missy Elliott thump-thump or a Sam Cassell shooting streak. Ceiling fans, iron doors, hardwood floors, and jheri curls, this town's got it all.

I'm in a cafe with free internet access. The whole world should have free internet access. Free internet plus free cell phones equals world peace. (on a related note: Fuck Cingular)

If you unexpectedly get stuck in the Las Vegas airport for a 3-hour layover, do as I did last night. Take a cab to the Rio, site of the World Series of Poker, currently in progress, and proceed to profit $130 in just over 2 hours of play because a flush beats a straight every time, every time, every time.

People talk funny in the Midwest. They do. They just do. I used to talk funny. But I had street cred. Still do. Still will.

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