Sunday, July 09, 2006

Besides It Would Still Be All Right

Am I the only man who spent much of my Sunday watching, in succession?
  • The World Cup final (Zidane - I like you more after the head butt)
  • Project Runway Season One Marathon
  • Dave Chappelle's "Lost Episode" (I wrote this song in '94. Funny)
In between this relentless TV watching, I saw the following:
  • Bill Clinton's SUV
  • 3 girls dressed as pirates walking down the street
  • The comedian/actor Louis C.K. coming out of Blockbuster
They're trying to pull me back in. Will they?

The new Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man movie is nice but I wish there was more Leonard and just a little less of the other Canadians. On a related note, my top 5 Leonard Cohen songs:

5. Sisters of Mercy

4. Alexandra Leaving

3. First We Take Manhattan

2. Suzanne

1. Famous Blue Raincoat

The song begins:

It's 4 in the morning
The end of December
I'm writing you now
Just to see if you're better
New York is cold
But I like where I'm living
There's music on Clinton Street
All through the evening

The best opening verse ever written.

Have I ever mentioned that I wrote a sequel to this song in 1989?


linglo said...

what's the sequel you treacherous tease?

Anonymous said...

yes - post sequel now...

Ill G

Ali said...

the sequel is in a green folder inside a small box inside a larger box inside a blue storage bin hidden in the deepest bowels of an attic of rochester, minnesota. it is not available at the moment.