Friday, July 08, 2005

I Am the Orange Boy-King

Today, in between meetings, I discovered the truth of the universe. But the air conditioning is chilly in the office. Even my shivers don't warm me. Thus, this truth can't be expounded upon at the moment. My energy is dissipated. I'm wearing orange again. I wear orange too often.

My recycling box is overflowing. As is my brain. But my (fiction) writer's block has been getting to me. I'm submitting two-year-old stories for publication because the new ones don't have coherent narrative structures. Not that the old ones did but they deserve to be printed on paper. Anyway, I should empty out the recycling box. After I shred the confidential documents.

It was clear that I wasn't drinking enough water. That's what made me dizzy yesterday, after I climbed the stairs for exercise. Today, I'm drinking too much water. Tomorrow, just enough.

Tomorrow is King Tut day. Me, Laurel, the in-laws, the mother, others - we're all going to LACMA to see the remains of the boy king's empire. They say he was a minor god. He's got a good marketing scheme going on. I may be overwhelmed by the crowds. If so, I'll go outside, wander around the tar pits, sit on a bench and read brochures. Tomorrow is Saturday.

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Jason B. said...

How was Tut?