Monday, May 10, 2010

Circular Logic

When is it just too much?

Is it:

A. Waking up on a train.

B. Selling legally purchased electronic goods to orthodox Jews in Beverly Hills operating a fly-by-night operation that must be seen and experienced to be believed and regretted… and then standing in the doorway of the world’s most successful “lap band” company in order to be free of cell phone reception-destroying torrential winds in order to make a crucial phone call.

C. Waking up in a train station.

D. Arguing with a Napoleon-Complex-ridden bus driver about who is blocking whom at a gas station, a bus driver clearly not impressed with the giant painted arrows beneath the soles of his white shoes, beneath the tires of his unnecessary bus going the opposite way of the arrows… the arguing made more vehement because there existed the need to stand next to a fax machine to receive several faxed pages relating to a joint tax return from 2006, a return that the IRS might have problems with.

E. A and C.

F. B and D.

G. None of the above.

H. All of the above.

I’m still breathing so I will choose G.



(Checking answer key)

I’m right!
(Note: Not all of these things necessarily happened to me.)

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