Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Brief Interaction

This is my first post written on my iPhone. Considering that it took me over a year of iPhone usage before I felt compelled to use it for blogging, this might not be a common writing method for me. But you never know. If you told me back in 1988 that I would be typing diary entries on a miniature keyboard on an uncorded phone, I would have...I would have believed you probably.

I'm fully moved into my new apartment. I have no complaints, no crazy stories involving malfunctioning UHaul vans or tranny neighbors. I like the place a lot. It feels big and free. Private but not isolated. I have my own parking place for the first time since 2006. There's a skylight in the kitchen! Everything is in its proper place. My neighbors are nice.

(Aside to the 2 boys who live next door. Yes it was me who stepped on - and thus crushed -your Star Wars action toy spaceship or whatever it was. I'm truly sorry. But the courtyard belongs to all of us and until Oscar installs some security lights, it's pretty dark out there. Besides, it was just a Phantom Menace-era Wars toy so its no big deal So the lesson is this: Please pick up your toys.)

I'm enjoying my free week off. It's the best benefit of working at a university. I'm being paid to sit on my blanketed couch and watch OnDemand cable TV. I'm bored.

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