Friday, July 10, 2009


Creatures currently in my apartment: 3 (me, my cat, other cat)

Fans currently running in my apartment: 3 (window fan, ceiling fan, tower fan)

Conflicting digital time displays currently being displayed in my apartment: 4 (10:07pm on the cable box; 10:05pm on the Bose Wave; 10:09pm on the laptop; 1:59am on the stove)

What's on TV: Knocked Up

Pillows currently visible to me: 6 (4 bed pillows, 2 couch pillows)

What was for dinner: Granola (with raisins) and peach kefir

What I drove past 3 hours ago: Lakewood Center, on Lakewood Boulevard, in Lakewood, CA

Significance of Lakewood Center: It's a mall. Been there once before. I went to see The Jetsons movie with my friend Debbie on July 10, 1990, exactly 19 years ago to the day.

Significance of The Jetsons movie: I had been suffering from the first - and worst - case of insomnia in my life. Three straight nights of no sleep. Panic attacks in the night and during the day. Driving around the Southland in a daze. Seeking clarity and meaning in life. Debbie suggested a movie. I picked her up in Cerritos. I told her that I sincerely believed that I would never sleep again. I assumed that I would just stay awake and awake and more awake... until the body quit and the mind imploded. That I would never rest again, that my sleeping dreams were all behind me. Then, about halfway through the film, I fell asleep. I remember the joy I felt when I was gently poked by Debbie who told me the movie was over. The credits rolled and the lights slowly came to life. She had let me sleep and that I am thankful for. My insomnia was over.

What else I am thankful for: The flexibility and understanding shown today by Gabi at the credit union.

How quickly I realized that I was unintentionally driving past the Lakewood Center, a place I had forgotten about and never once considered again until tonight: 3 seconds

How quickly I figured out the July 10 coincidence: 2 minutes

Why I was in Lakewood: Happy accident

Where I went after that: Driving around, remembering. Then I came home.

Flavor of Gatorade G2 on the table next to me: Orange

What I am going to do next: Cookie, sleep

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