Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rainy Day Post #1

After raining twice in 10 months, it's rained 3 times in 5 days. I like the rain. And that's as much as I'll talk about the weather.

Soon I will venture to my employer's underutilized state-of-the-art arena, more specifically to the arena's underutilized banquet room. The occasion is the largest of the 4 work-related holiday parties I will be attending (interestingly, these are the only holiday parties I will be attending - do I still have friends?) I will eat fancy foods and drink sweet drinks. I may quietly depart early because of other obligations. Or I may stay until the bitter end just to see how the raffle plays out. Last year I won a semester-long gym membership.

I like holiday parties. I like December. I like wearing my underutilized coat. I bought it at a San Francisco Nordstrom during a visit in an earlier, more innocent December. I remember going there to buy a wintery coat with a gift certificate given to me on my birthday three months earlier. I remember finding the coat. I remember realizing I had left the gift certificate back at the house where I was staying. So I patiently followed Audrey's directions back to her house and then back to the strange shopping mall on the hilly edge of the city. This was the same mall where I "reengineered" my cousin's life after his unfortunate run-ins with life and the law. (Reengineering consisted of buying him new clothes and glasses and some Chuck Paluhnik book. Never read the guy but his books bother me for some reason.)

What did that previous paragraph tell you? Just that my life is sometimes interesting enough and at other times not quite enough.

Still love this book. I recommend it to anyone who likes big arduous books.

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