Friday, December 02, 2005

34 In A Row

My hiatus is finally over. I am settling into my new job. I am warming to the brutally cold Los Angeles winter weather. I almost needed something approaching a light jacket this morning!

A few notes from from my first week in my new non-teaching university job:

  • The people at this place believe anything can be done. The people at my old job believed nothing could be done. Confidence bordering on arrogance creates a far better work environment than bureaucracy bordering on inertia.
  • Last night, in anticipation of tomorrow's big game, there was a "bonfire" in the "quad." Blessedly, some things never change.
  • There is no secret handshake.

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Lolo said...

Hey Ali,

What's the fundamental difference between a Spartan and a Trojan? Other than the fact that Spartans hail from Sparta and Trojans hail from Troy, or Troja or wherever.

Love, Lolo