Friday, November 04, 2005

Never Have Your Geese Counted

The NBA predictions will continue at a future date, perhaps some time before season's end. To say that I wrote a staggeringly astute basketball entry earlier today prior to losing every word of it due to a disagreement between Windows' "hibernate" mode and Gateway's "sleep" mode would be an understatement.

I do have some tentative good news, news that I can't really get too specific about for three reasons:

A. It's tentative (i.e., not final)

B. It's secret (i.e., not public)

C. It's good news (i.e., don't want to jinx it)

I will say this about the good news: Go Trojans.

I'm reading the Alan Alda autobiography Never Have Your Dog Stuffed. Surprisingly good. Almost as good as Dylan's Chronicles and likely truer. Hawkeye knows how to spin a yarn.


Jason B. said...

I am sorry, my friend. See you soon.

linglo said...

Dear Husband,

Correction: you are reading the Alan Alda Biography to me. And, you're right, it is good, and likely true. Now I know how to wrap your joints in hot wool, should you ever contract polio. And I know exactly what to put in your lunch for April Fools Day.