Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rhetorical Questions In Pairs

1. Is it possible to eat too much watermelon? Will I become sick?

2. Is My Name Is Earl really as good as the first episode? Or am I crazy?

3. Is regret a bad thing? Is it distinguishable from fear?

4. Why aren't there more Indian restaurants? Is it poor marketing?

5. Will my life change drastically in October? Or will it be just so?

6. Do the Timberwolves really think Marko Jaric is a starting point guard? Do they?


Anonymous said...
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linglo said...

1. No, and yes.
2. Yes, and no.
3. Yes, and regret is fear's sickly younger cousin.
4. I don't know.
5. It will change drastically and go on as usual.
6. The Timberwolves are mistaken, dear husband. The Timberwolves are simply mistaken.


Jason B. said...

1. a. Yes. b. You will become sick. Actually, I don't eat watermelon, but not for that reason. I don't like it.

2. a. The first episode wasn't as good as the best episodes will be. But the best episodes won't be as good as you seem to think they are, but they will be better than pretty much every other comedy on television (other than Arrested Development). b. You are not crazy.

3. a. Regret's not bad. It's "lessons we havn't learned yet" according to Beth Orton. I don't know if she's right. b. Regret is fear.

4. a. Indian's don't taste good and it's like eating a cat. Not enough meat on the bones of the average Indian for the middle american SUV set. b. see a.

5. a. Yes. b. Yes.

6. a. The team who dares wins. b. No.

linglo said...

More smooth saxophones? Go on, please.